Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prep for the "One" exhibit

It's hard to believe that it has been a year already, but on Sept 5th of 2008 Yvonne Cavanagh and I opened the doors to Surface Gallery. In that year we have had 6 successful exhibit openings, workshops, private parties, and first Friday events. It has been quite an amazing ride and I look forward to the upcoming year. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the gallery, the four artist that opened the gallery (Yvonne, Brent, Liz, and myself) will be exhibiting new works interpreting the word "one." I am back in the studio working away nightly and trying to get everything ready by show time. I have been working on a few larger paintings which have been challenging because I haven't worked this large since college. Although it has allowed me to loosen up in the my painting style, I think I prefer my little 10x10 paintings. I will post the new works after the Sept 4th opening. Until then, I will be frantically painting in the studio, but loving every minute of it. The one year anniversary exhibit entitled "ONE, " will open Sept. 4th at 5 pm.

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